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Update: Xeroweight

Dear users,

We do sincerely apologize for the lack of updates.

First and foremost, we are still in business.

Our users deserve an explanation of the lack of updates and where we are going next.

Where we are at now:

We are a very modest team who have to make ends meets, running other jobs and often FlashBack taking a back seat. We have poured thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of our own money into this project.

None of the team wish to abandon the project, although often we do for periods of time to bring food to the table. But at our roots, we've gone through thick and thin (even before AX64) to get to where we are - and total abandonment is something we want to avoid. It may seem we've abandoned the project given our lack of appearance on forums and support channels. Admittedly, they have been neglected. This is inexcusable. And if we want to continue, this mode of operation it is not sustainable.

Going forward:

Interim period:

As stated above, this method of operation is not sustainable. Users are upset, some users are responded to quickly, others slowly. This inconsistent service is something we've gained a reputation for and it must change or indeed, we must shut down.

As an immediate measure, we welcome all users with pending questions to contact us at info@ax64.com. We will do our best to respond to you quickly and answer your questions. If your program isn't working and we cannot resolve your issue, of course, we will be happy to issue a full refund.

Transition period:

We are in negotiation with some fantastic partners who understand FlashBack and its difficult journey. If negotiations go smoothly, FlashBack will be reinvigorated with a more stable team and be able to support its users like it used to many years ago.

We truly hope negotiations go smoothly and we can support our users as they should be.

Closing Comments:

The journey of FlashBack or as others know it, AX64 - has endured so much. We'd love to sit down with our users and just share everything like close friends. There's a lot that goes behind the scenes that we cannot disclose. Like a TV drama, there has been deception, betrayals, theft, as well as big dreams, great people and endurance.

We understand people are upset, angry and very little of what we can say can appease that. In short, in this interim - we will support you, refund you and with some luck, support you as we did at the birth of AX64.

Happy holidays and thanks for your patience and support.

Best regards,

FlaskBack Team (Formerly AX64)

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      • Ed commented  · 

        Looks like these guys are no better than the numbskulls over at Horizon Data Sys, they like taking your money but when it comes to putting out timely updates or fixes they disappear, it was all honky dory when they were small working for your patronage, now that they have it and your money it's all about hurry up and wait. Do yourself a favor, lose these idiots, get Macrium Reflect,, it's free, and do your own backups, and your backups will work flawlessly.

      • jeroen@knijff.nl commented  · 

        Happy Aniversary !

        A whole year whitout updates
        Stop the cheaptalk and get back to work

      • Kent Estes commented  · 

        UM, I am the last person on earth to call a type o but, 'FlaskBack' lol. You should quit that

      • Kent Estes commented  · 

        Look you guys, if it were easy, Anybody could do it!! I must say, when I found you guys I knew I had found a very unique software that was more the less fail proof, now let me explain.
        I am a former HDS rollback rx pro user, thru personnel experience I can say that I have learned everything the hard way, took me over a year to bounce back after a failure with rollback. This is on a Lenovo D30 win 7 with a raid 0 with 10tb there and 2 more internals running as back ups. Use it heavily as a media server and everything of importance I have spent a great deal of time trying to find a backup solution for my personal stuff and my small trucking company. I have set aside all other software's in favor of Flashback. I have been getting myself in trouble with these computers since win 95. I can honestly tell you that the only successful backup that worked and was a life saver has been your 698. The pre op RE is bad ass !! There I had acess to my backups 3 different ways, 100% good to go. I have approx. 12 laptops that are moving into the XeroFlash 'that's my code name for it'. Interestingly, the Lenovo runs 32 cores in its setup, 2 CPU Intel , I have done a lot of experimenting in vss and the different ways to mount, generate and so on. I know how hard a vss pulls on all the cores, that is till you guys come along. So what is your secret, nothing on earth pulls the 32 cores as hard as Flashback, all 32 at around 75 % and dead smooth and done in no time.
        Well failure should not be a option Time Machine people.

      • p1n commented  · 

        For me current (last) version is working fine. I have no problem at all in fact FLASHBACK saved my life many times, last time it was in November 2016 when I got Windows 10 Update 1607 and computer stuck in boot loop. I'm glad that I bought Home 4 pack.

        My only wish is to choose frequency of backup.

        good luck to team.

      • suchtw commented  · 


        Sorry to hear of the company issues, there have been many promises you guys have made that were never delivered and I do sympathise with your issues. I for one would be happy to pay for the product again if you would deliver and make this a better product with ongoing change and support. I brought this product with the hope of it maturing but in its current state it does not really offer what I was after, perhaps there are many people who would support you guys by paying again for revised and support program update, best of luck

        Best Regards

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